Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Sometimes Good Things Don't Last

After successfully diving myself to the great and vast world of personal investing and financial literacy, I have moved to the next stage of the financial freedom quadrant (in reference to Robert T. Kiyosaki's popular book CASHFLOW Quadrant) which is Business.

Tired and exhausted from being a member of the "makabagong bayani ng Pilipinas", an OFW from the KSA, I packed all my things up and decided to dive myself into the new and unpredictable world of Entrepreneurship.

That was in September of 2014... and that was the time that I stopped giving updates and tips about investing as well as writing articles that will guide every interested Juan who wanted to win in the confusing and misleading world of investing.

Sorry for this betrayal, but I need all the time to spend to make my venture a success.

Fast forward four years hence. I am I successful in my entrepreneurship venture?

Personally, I think I AM!

My business have passed the critical line where most start-up businesses have died before it reached its two year existence!

Going to its 5th year next year, it is now supporting my family's needs as well as little luxuries during important family occasions like birthdays, Christmas celebrations and family travels.

Today, at this very moment, I have put all the things that takes my time most and write this article to finally bid farewell to all readers and followers of the Piso Ni Juan blog site.

This site will be taken down after seven days. I am very sorry,really.

But don't worry I have a good news, too.

I will be starting to create another blog to share my journey about Entrepreneurship and I am thinking to have the title " Negosyo Ni Juan" though, I am not sure yet if it is still available.

In this way, I can help every people interested in creating their own business ventures.

With more businesses, we can create more jobs and more employment opportunities.

And finally, no more OFWs to go abroad but more investors to come to the country.