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Business Sense 2014: Industries in the Philippines You Should Invest In

The previous year for the country and Filipinos in general has been a taxing one. Not only did the Filipino people battle yet another under-performing economy and face more political scandals and embarrassments, but they also had to brave and endure a series of devastating natural disasters.

Despite these adversities though, life went on and the country got back on its feet.

Yes, the resiliency of Filipinos is still alive.

Now that another year and worries that plagued people in the past have somehow been shoved to the background, it is now time for Filipinos to step up again and try to make their mark in the world—particularly in the business sector.

In fact, many Filipinos are very enterprising. However, the important thing is not just to start out but to sustain it and make it grow. The secret? Know the trends and the perfect investment for you.

So, which industries should enterprising Pinoys check out this year?

Here is a few:

Image by Krista, under CC BY 2.0 license

Food Industry

It's not exactly a secret that Filipinos love food. However, many have developed discerning palates over the years since different types of cuisine have penetrated the country. 

Fastfood joints are still quite popular though. If you can't afford to buy a franchise from an international chain, you can take a whack at designing your own. Many local fastfood places have certainly made it work.

Another trending enterprise right now are tea shops and cafés. 

Young professionals who have irregular working hours as well as teenagers are fond of hanging out in these types of place. Having a quaint and charming décor and wi-fi access can also add further appeal to business establishments like these.

Moreover, if you can offer the public some innovative dining options, many would certainly be curious enough to check it out.

Travel Industry

Contrary to a few decades ago, many Filipinos can now afford to travel. In fact, according to an NSO report, domestic tourism is experiencing an increase in the last two years.

Moreover, many independent travellers were taking trips for leisure, which clearly proves that the average working Filipinos now can afford to spend.

How can you cash in on this?

One obvious choice would be to set up a travel agency that offers affordable and unique package tours. Popular tour packages now imitate itineraries of backpackers travelling on a shoestring budget. You can also opt to become a travel blogger, helping to advertise local tourist spots, restaurants and accommodation to both tourists and locals.

Image by tec_estromberg, under CC BY 2.0 license

Tech Industry

You might not be aware of this, but there are many good Filipino web designers and developers today. You can help them out and, at the same time, help yourself by setting up a web design and development team of your own.

Businesses now recognise the importance of a web presence to have an infinite pool of clients, both locally and internationally. You don't even have to have a physical office when you start. The team can work via telecommuting.

Once your team gets enough clout and funds to afford one, you can then set up a physical office space so you can better supervise your team.

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Retail Industry

Online shops are all the rage these days.

You can easily set up one in your social media account, Facebook perhaps, or even on your own website. If you opt to have your online shop on a dedicated domain though, you'd need a great website design and social media accounts for marketing.

If you want to try it out first without all these hassle, you can try selling your products on online marketplaces, such as  or classified ads, such as (formerly

Aside from the choices above, other industries also worth checking are the marketing and health sectors. Marketing because those new entrepreneurs would need help getting the word out about their brand, and you can certainly help out by taking advantage of social media and blogging.

As for the health industry, Filipinos today are more health conscious, and any healthy product out there would surely have a dedicated niche market for them already.

If you're not so confident about starting your own business just yet, but you have money to spare for an investment, then why don't you try investing in the Philippine Stock Exchange. After all, having a versatile portfolio is always a good idea.

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